Keys to Creating Heaven on Earth – Part I
[with Video]

By: John Morton, DSS

July 25th, 2018

Keys to Creating Heaven on Earth – Part I <br/> [with Video]


This article is taken from a seminar John gave in Los Angeles on May 15, 2018 titled “Keys to Creating Heaven on Earth”.  It is Part I of a two part series.

“One of the aspects of claiming heaven on earth and that consciousness is you become the Light; you are the Light.” – John Morton

I was listening recently to a seminar by John-Roger from 1970, and the words that he said at the very end were “We can have the kingdom of heaven right now.” Even though at that time he wasn’t saying, “Baruch Bashan” to complete the seminar — which simply means “The Blessings Already Are” — let’s consider that the kingdom of heaven is already here, and that is another way of saying “Baruch Bashan”, that we are in the kingdom of heaven.

J-R was talking about God consciousness, so that was one of the ways I experienced the kingdom of heaven, because he was making it very clear in sharing his experiences, that we can experience God consciousness now, that we don’t have to wait for some expanded, greater state. He said that we could have the experience of God consciousness by deciding to have it, claiming it, and then acting as if we already have God consciousness.

Perhaps that’s something that you could do right now, make some shift so that you’re more aligned, you’re more receptive, more willing to be in God consciousness, and then consider that there is a God consciousness in every one of us.

It’s in Every One of Us

I’m reminded of a song from David Pomeranz, “It’s in Every One of Us.” It’s a beautiful song that we often play at Insight Seminars. Let’s consider the kingdom of heaven is in every one of us and it just asked us to call it forward. Then there was a shift I remember that John-Roger encouraged us to do, which was to call yourself forward into the Light – that the Light is already present. He shared with us that in this consciousness of the kingdom of heaven is also the consciousness that is the Christ, the Mystical Traveler, and that it’s not important that we call it a certain name. It’s not important that it’s a belief. It’s more important that we understand that it’s a way we experience who we are in a consciousness that is love.

You may have heard this scripture in the gospels of the New Testament in the Bible, “And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” [1 John 4:16 KJV]

Now we are realizing that when it’s gender specific, that often translates to “all”; that as we go into a higher state of heaven, things like he and she become one. So, there’s no real difference. It has a quality of equilibrium; it’s one for all and all for one.

You’re my Brother; You’re my Sister; You’re my Beloved

How would our differences, our disagreements, our issues be conducted in a state of heaven? What would heaven on earth do in a place like Gaza?

There is heaven on earth in Gaza, so what would that look like? What would heaven on earth do in a place like Gaza? We have the ability to transform what we see so that how we relate to what’s going on is the quality, is the essence, is the way of seeing something in heaven. We may realize at that point that that’s not enough, that there is a responsibility in how we respond. However we would see responding — including for ourselves — what would be the qualities of heaven in the response such that they would maintain heaven, upholding what is heaven?

There is more here. Instead of blaming the Israelis, the Palestinians, the leaders of both sides, let’s consider there are more than two sides – that every person has a side. What I’ve been saying lately when there is some kind of difference, some type of disagreement, is that I am on all sides.

So, then what side would I take?  I’d take all sides. And part of how I see that is there is plenty of room for everybody to have a side. Then we can consider how we would work this out, and how heaven would conduct it, and how our differences, our disagreements, and our issues would be conducted in a state of heaven.

Let’s consider that we each have that consciousness of heaven in us. Would we be willing to hold for what heaven would do, and then do it, so that even if we didn’t have the solution, we would hold?  Let’s consider we would be patient.  J-R gave us a beautiful definition of letting go and letting God, and he translated it essentially to: letting go is relaxing and letting God is being patient.

I also have come to understand that we’re all working something out.  When we work it out there’s peace in every land, in every side, in every person.  As we put aside anything that is not peace, we come into, “You’re my brother, you’re my sister, you’re my beloved,” and we would understand that.

Coming into One Accord

There would have to be some willingness to shift such that we could come back into something that J-R called the one accord, and it was in reference to the upper room and those who were followers of Jesus after he’d ascended.

In that experience — whenever it was with those folks in the upper room after Jesus had been crucified — something happened where, as the description tells us, there were flames above their heads. But they weren’t flames, like burning and singeing their hair; they were flames of some kind of light, and it was an activation that was seen, felt, experienced of the Holy Spirit.

J-R has a beautiful description of it where he says the people that were there who were followers didn’t agree and didn’t necessarily get along all that well either. If you look at it, they soon went their separate ways. It’s part of the diaspora. Even if you say, “Well, the Jews have the diaspora,” let’s consider there are a lot of Jews that went a lot of directions for all kinds of reasons, and not just for what we would understand from the gospels.

Coming into the Whole Spirit and Claiming You Are the Light

I’d like you to understand that there is an opportunity that we would come into the whole spirit.  It doesn’t have to be something that we profess or take vows in a particular religion. It would be our spiritual consciousness comes awake and comes into effect in how we experience ourselves, in how we experience our life. And we would realize that we are amongst our beloved even when it is our worst enemy.

This is something that is attributed to Jesus and it’s a very powerful teaching regardless of who said it, who called it to order — that we would love our enemies, that we’d also put aside our differences. In the seminar I was listening to today, J-R was talking about turning the cheek, having these qualities that we would put aside whatever are the causes of againstness and come into the consciousness of God.  That could include laying down whatever would get in the way of seeing the face of God.

One of the aspects of claiming heaven on earth and that consciousness is you become the Light; you are the Light. Let’s consider the consciousness of Light has come into the flesh, come into the human form and the human expression, however you see that. And let’s consider today you had the experience.

Knowing God Personally

Let’s just consider that we would say an aspect of heaven on earth is something like, “I know God personally.” You remember the wizard behind the curtain in the original film of Wizard of Oz?  When the wizard came out from behind the curtain, we realized that he was not such an awesome character, but maybe somebody we could still like and love just the same. I’m reminded of that song that came out a while back, “What If God Was One Of Us?” That’s another way to reflect on heaven on earth.

Loving Unconditionally

Someone wrote to me, “I heard that our essence is to love and to be loved. This makes perfect sense to me. Why then does it appear we forget this so often? And why do we feel so ashamed to express this loving essence all the time?”

Feeling ashamed is one of the things that gets in the way, as shame is not the highest quality of love. It’s not unconditional love. There’s a judgment that something isn’t what it should be, or something is wrong. When we let that go, we can come into something that is of a higher nature, a higher expression. And let’s consider that all we need to do is come into the expression of loving regardless, loving unconditionally.

Loving is not a weakness; it’s not an invitation that I’ll be the sacrificial lamb and you do the slaughter.  Loving is a process, like “what would loving do?”   When someone has againstness, it is in some way expressing out of a lower nature.  Yet in some way everything is still connected to love.   Love is still present, and we can ask, “What would love do?” Maybe it takes a while to move to the unconditional loving when we are in these kinds of situations that are difficult to understand. But there is always a way to love regardless of the situation or circumstance.

You may wonder, “Even if someone is striking out against me?  Even if someone is depressed and considering suicide?  Even in a situation of war? Where is heaven on earth there?”

Let’s consider whatever is going on in this world, the divine orders.  The heaven that’s here is still present and available. Then we need to consider, what would love be in those circumstances? What would heaven be in such a circumstance?  And what would that mean in terms of how we respond?

I consider that the opportunity is to come into the wisdom of who we are,  which is also the wisdom of the ages that always found a way to work things out by loving.  Asking for the Light, for the Holy Spirit to be present is a way of loving. That’s something that heaven would do. Just ask for what the Light can do and ask it to be sent for the highest good. We have that power to extend mercy, grace, and whatever can assist anyone or anything for the highest good.

Consider we always have an opportunity to ask for the Light to be available to us, for our family and for all who are struggling to be happy.  What if we could do something in how we invoke heaven so that there is no struggle? We can replace struggle and opposition with understanding, comfort, and something like the peace that surpasses understanding.

You’re Never Given Anything You Can’t Handle

There’s a wonderful teaching that John-Roger brought forward in what I am going to refer to as The Top 10 Teachings of John-Roger, teachings that came from his consciousness that he shared with all of us:  “You’re never given anything you can’t handle.” So, no matter what happens, just consider that we have a consciousness that can handle it while we’re in this world.

And let’s consider that we also have some ticket, some way to handle the world to come.

Let’s consider that whatever way we can conduct ourselves in this world as heaven on earth, also works in the world to come – which is heaven above.  Even if someone has created something like hell on earth there is always a way to make it better.

J-R used to ask people, “Why lose in your own fantasy? Why not set yourself up to win in your fantasy?”

That’s heaven on earth. And let’s consider there is no limit to the blessings; there are always greater blessings.  Even when a situation seems as good as it can get, consider there are even greater blessings.

Also, let’s consider that when we’re doing heaven on earth, miracles are allowed.

Baruch Bashan

A Blessing of Love and Light to All Creation
Please enjoy this blessing from January 21, 2018 with John Morton.

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Transcript of the Blessing

Okay, here is the blessing.
I often find I start out blessings with Dear Lord.
And that’s the presence I often experience in blessings, that it’s that consciousness of God that manifests itself into where we are.
So I mean that, into this place.
And it’s also all places, so wherever anybody is at anytime.
That we are addressing the Lord who is in the highest, in that place,
as it extends itself into this place where we each find ourselves as the Lord incarnate. That we all can own it completely as the blessing of God it is.

Dear Lord, we breathe You in and breathe You out.
As we do, we are in the consciousness of us.
In Your personal way, You extend love, Light, blessing to all the creation.
In our awareness, we can be witness to Your blessing, holding in all blessing.
We can be witness that we are those who are extending this blessing,
first and fully receiving into all our dimensions experiencing Your grace,
releasing what is not necessary.
And as we let go and experience this healing, this clearing, this balancing, we also experience upliftment.
And this joy, this peace, beyond measure.

Now You reveal Your great radiation into the Light and we are the Light.
And Your great radiation that is the living truth.
The truth that bears witness in itself as the love of all.
And this radiation that reveals what we can see and behold
in all the consciousness and all the dimensions.
We also are experiencing, the personal nature of Your blessing, the friendship. That we are completely loved without any limitation.
So we release the limitations. Any form of negativity, we set free.
We come into a great understanding that all limitations serve good purpose. We thank You for teaching us what we need to learn.
And bringing the experience into our own being, that we are what You teach. We are in the knowing of this great truth.
And in this knowing, we also are thankful to be in the presence of the beloved of God. So whatever we see, whatever is in our senses to behold, is in the great oneness of experience.
We behold Your beauty, Your glory, that all is beloved of God.

And in that consciousness of multidimensional awareness, we behold that what is present in the heart of God is present here and now
as the beloved of God in each one, in each thing.

Baruch Bashan


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