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Soul Transcendence Gems

Q: I would like to know more about my karmic pattern this lifetime.

A: It is Soul Transcendence, to live and be in the presence of the living God and to know that. The way to do that is spiritual exercises.

With Soul transcendence, we are speaking of moving the consciousness into the Soul, activating the Soul so it can move more into pure Spirit.

You are at the threshold of your knowingness; now it’s just a matter of moving into that knowingness. You are at the threshold of your beingness; it’s your choice when to move into that. You may stay on the threshold for many, many years. Or you may move into your knowingness right now. It’s difficult to make that step into knowingness, into beingness, unless you are willing to commit totally to yourself, to the Soul that is you. And it is difficult to commit to that discovery if you split your energies into various pursuits and paths.

Those who are into the process of self-discovery, of Soul discovery, find that experiences on the various realms of Light become as real as physical realm experiences. As you come to trust your own experience level of realms different than the physical, you begin to experience the transcendence of the Soul.

The Soul extends into the lower realms in order to experience the totality of God. Its purpose is, in essence, to experience. For the evolution of the Soul, experiences do not need to be repeated because the purpose of each experience is fulfilled with the completion of that experience.

When you begin to work with the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, you often find your progression greatly speeded up. You may find yourself moving through many experiences and just letting them go as they complete themselves. There is less and less need to hold onto the old, and more and more excitement with discovering what’s next.

There is only one Soul, and that is God. There is only one love, and that is God. There is only one intellect, and that is God. There is only one, which is God. We are manifestations of God, on whatever level we choose to express.

The presence of God is inside of you, manifesting anew every moment. It is not your emotions, your mind, or your physical body, it is Spirit—expressing through those levels, but always more than that. You sit right on the edge of Soul awareness. It’s so close. It’s there each moment. Each moment gives you new opportunity to discover that awareness.

When you live in the moment and live free, you’re living in Soul. Let go of each moment as it passes. Detach yourself from this earth, from memories of the past, from expectation of the future. Do those things that bring you health, wealth, and happiness in a detached state and let all the rest go.

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