The Unconditionalness of Life

By: John Morton, DSS

February 28th, 2019

The Unconditionalness of Life


It is the unconditionalness of life that must be lived. If you find yourself in a state of conditioning, reacting or not accepting and loving the people and situations you meet, you’re not living the unconditionalness of life. – John Morton

This article was excerpted from a seminar given by John Morton on October 31, 1989 in Los Angeles

If you are going to embark on this path of Spirit, you will need to let go of all conditions. You come to a place in your consciousness where there are no conditions.  You bring yourself present without reservation, hesitation, justification or even the need to understand. It is the “unconditionalness” of life that must be lived. If you find yourself in a state of conditioning, reacting or not accepting and loving the people and situations you meet, you’re not living the “unconditionalness” of life.

If you want to go home to God, you’re willing to give up whatever conditions you meet along the way. If you allow yourself to entertain what this means, it’s constant surrender, constant giving up, and a constant willingness to let go.

At the same time, it’s also a realization that you are in some ways attached. You’ve chosen to confine yourself in this physical level and the conditions here. Why would any of us choose to condition ourselves and enter into conditions that would take us away from who we are, confine us, attach us to levels that are less than who we are and less than our divine destiny?

It’s because we don’t know better yet. When we know better, we do better. We become better. It’s not just doing better. It’s the process of becoming better and better and more of who we are and less of the conditions. How are you going to better yourself in the face of the conditions that you meet?

Whatever the conditions are in your life right now, expand and embrace them. If you’re reacting, struggling, complaining, bickering, moaning, upset, or disturbed by the conditions; if you’re in any way dissatisfied with them, you’re rejecting them. In the process of rejection, you’re saying, “I’m smaller than these conditions. These conditions are more than I can handle.” By not embracing where you are and what you find yourself in, you are not letting go. You are not surrendering to God and the love and truth that is God.

There is one who loves you completely, unconditionally, personally and directly.  Even if you contract, you can expand again and know that God is working with you and shifting your consciousness, adjusting you to a better place, because that’s the prayer you placed out. You asked for it. You said, “Get me to a better place.”

You place out prayers to the supreme God and they are heard. The one who hears is the one waking you up and saying, “I’m here. How about you? Isn’t it time to let go of the conditions of your existence and just be here?”

Every once in a while you get a greater glimpse of how things are and you realize, “I’ve had a lot of existences. I’m sick and tired of this one and the entire process, and I really would like to get on with what I came here to do.” This is when you find yourself in the movement of spiritual inner awareness.  You come to this realization that you are a soul going home to God and that God is your home. You can allow your consciousness to let go and God can take you home. What do you have to let go of? You must eventually let go of all the conditions that you put out throughout all of your existence.

You may say, “Come on, that’s just too much! That’s a lot of conditions. How can I possibly let go of all of them? I put out so many today, let alone this lifetime. Just trying to let go of today’s conditions is a major undertaking. How am I going to do it for my whole existence?”

God has a plan for you. It’s an insurance plan called grace. It really is that action of God that takes you home in spite of yourself, in spite of the conditions. It’s even in spite of the actions about which you would say, “No, I wouldn’t do that,” and you do it anyway, not only once, but over and over and over.

In spite of it all, you can give yourself over to God completely – or as much as you can in each moment. You do the best you can because God understands. No matter where you find yourself, no matter what happened, how you got yourself into it, how entangled it is, how complicated, misconstrued, misconceived, misaligned – no matter what – God understands. God’s grace is always extended to you.

How do you enter into grace? Love God. What does that mean? Love everything. Just start where you are. Start with yourself. Isn’t it amazing that it would be set up that you would begin where you are right now, with yourself? That’s what you will be doing from now on, on your way home to God. You realize, “What allows me to do this, to come home to God, is that I loved everything! No matter what came before me, what was present, what happened, what I did, or what they did, I moved to loving and then I moved on.”

What if your life in this world is laid out so simply that it requires just one choice? Just one. And that choice is loving. If you will make that choice over and over and over, it simply becomes who you are.  Whenever you look upon yourself you look upon loving. You change your name and your identity so that it becomes loving, so that the only place where we can ever find you is loving. Then you will become God. You will fulfill your heritage, your destiny, what you came here to do, and you will live here and in the Spirit at the same time.

The Spirit is with you 100 percent. It’s your ally, your friend. It’s going to do everything that you need. Call on it and bring yourself forward to the Spirit. Charge yourself with Spirit. Infuse yourself with Spirit. Live Spirit’s way. That’s the way that goes through the sound of God, the name of God, the word of God. It’s openly offered to you. It’s freely given. Are you freely choosing?

As you freely choose yourself into the grace of God, calling upon the name of God morning, noon, and night, and every time in between, then you infuse yourself with God. You become one with God. You also discover that all the conditions are blessings. There is no condition that is not a blessing of God, and who you are is the unconditional loving of God.

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