Recognizing Our Heritage

By: John-Roger, DSS

February 28th, 2019

Recognizing Our Heritage


The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) is the means, not the end. There is no end. Our heritage is to continually lift by accepting ourselves, accepting other people, and most importantly, to accept our opportunities when they are presented to us. – John-Roger

This article by John-Roger was first published in the Movement Newspaper, December 1983.

As children of God, it is our heritage to be able to create joy and abundance in our lives. At times, we may be beguiled by the illusions of the body, mind and emotions. And yet, people who are aspiring toward higher levels of Light and have attuned themselves spiritually can see past these illusions. The spiritual promise — which has been given to us through the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ — is that we can lift through the obstacles and tests of this world and realize we are divine.

Every day we have opportunities to gain knowledge about this world, what it is, and where the illusions lie, so we can confront and move beyond them. This world is not perfect and when your consciousness perceives through the body, mind or emotions, you do not experience your fullest potential. It is through the awareness of your Soul that you can move past the illusions, for the Soul — in its perfection — will only perceive the truth.

Our job as heirs to heaven, is to move our consciousness to the level of our Souls so we can perceive our lives directly. When we see into the world with only our physical eyes, we are actually seeing an interpretation of a reflection. When the physical eye receives light, it sends it back through the occipital area in the back of the head. The mind then interprets what we’ve perceived and we react to that interpretation based mostly on our habit patterns. Psychological studies show that different people can look at the same object and see something totally different. Yet, many times, people move and act on what they’ve seen or heard. Your experiences in life can play all sorts of funny games on you depending how you interpret and react to them.

When you perceive directly, you’ll see past the illusions of this world and move yourself toward a higher consciousness. This upward direction brings great joy and upliftment for you and the people around you. This is a sure sign of the Soul working in this world.

If you say you are free in your Soul, it would be redundant because the Soul by its very nature is free. But to be aware of the Soul and the freedom that lies there is not an easy task. The mind (God bless it) is an eternal obstacle that stands between us and Soul consciousness. As part of the Universal Mind, it is part of the world of illusion and the negative realms. (“Negative” in this case does not mean “bad,” but similar to the poles of a battery, it means opposed to “positive.”) Since the Soul is of the positive realms of Light, many times when we see through the mind we stand in direct opposition to ourselves and wage an inner war.

For example, you may find yourself vacillating on a particular issue and end up in a state of indecision. One part of you may be saying, “I want to do this,” and another part is saying, “Do that.” That indecision will keep you from doing anything … which can be the negative path. In order to get on with your life, you need to arrive at a decision. No matter what it is, it will be the right one! You will learn from whatever action you take, whatever decision you make. That attitude is the positive path.

We all base our decisions on our ability to perceive and to move forward, so whatever you do is the best you can do at the time. Remember that God is on your side, and you won’t be given anything you can’t handle. Be aware, however, that you have the ability to create things for yourself that are more difficult for yourself than you may like. So, be wise in your choices.

Each one of us wants to move back into that oneness, that wholeness we sometimes refer to as holiness. We become holy and sacred when all levels of our beingness are working in cooperation with one another; the parts of our consciousness that function in this world and the Soul, the essence of who we really are. We always have been that wholeness, but the mind will sometimes confuse us and tell us differently. In confronting the difficult situations in your life, it’s important to realize that what you sometimes think of as evil or negative is really there for your own refinement. Those things which your mind may tell you are “wrong,” may just be attitudes you carry and you may be caught up in an illusion of your own making.

For example, it’s easy to feel a heaviness when you say, “I’m dealing with a lot of negativity.” The word itself signifies a downward energy, and, in playing on our mind, that connotation can be enough to pull us down emotionally. But if you say, “I’m experiencing up-energy,” it’s difficult to feel bad. This word is free of the emotional connotation. It’s important to see the humor in life and keep our hearts light. In this frame of mind, we will find it easier to be loving and through loving we can see the truth behind the illusion.

As you move higher and higher in your consciousness and recognize your Soul more and more, you may be surprised to find yourself attacked by people who are sitting in negativity. Your Light goes out to them from the Light of the Holy Spirit and may stir up negative patterns in them they don’t want to see. In not wanting to lift above the illusions they have been living by, they may verbally hit at you and reject you. The path of Light and upliftment is beautiful and joyous, and it will not be accepted by everyone you know. That Light may awaken something inside of some people, and yet they may not accept it and may choose to follow another direction in their lives. From the perspective of the Soul, it doesn’t really matter because we are all part of the same God. As part of this oneness, before we can ascend to the higher realms of Light, we must move the lowest consciousness on the planet toward a movement of spiritual inner awareness. At this time, with the Light ever-expanding across the planet, I think it’s more than a possibility that it can be done.

There is only one path toward God, and there are many ways to follow it. It is the heritage of everyone on this planet to realize their own Christ consciousness.

We can all become Christed beings — not Jesus Christ because that’s already been done. In the heritage of the line of the Christ, we are all heirs to that divine consciousness that has always been here and has always been within us.

For centuries, churches have been trying to give us the realization that we are children of God. But somewhere along the line, they stopped being the means by which we could experience our own divinity, and they became the end. They tried to hold spiritual energy into a particular form and became fixed in their own point of view. In a similar way the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) is the means, not the end. There is no end. Our heritage is to continually lift by accepting ourselves, accepting other people, and most importantly, to accept our opportunities when they are presented to us.

Look for the truth where you find it, and when you find it, use it – no matter who says it, or where it’s found. In a way, live by your wits. If the truth walks down the street, follow it. If the truth sits on a mountain top, climb the mountain. And, if you really care to look for the truth, you’ll find it inside you. Go back into your own Soul — the everlasting truth, the “I am that I am,” the Alpha and Omega. It’s all right there, just waiting for you to recognize it. This is what the Bible refers to when you read, “There is a place already prepared.”

When I tell you I’ll show you the way, it doesn’t mean I’m going to do it for you. You must walk the path by yourself, but you are never going to be alone. Someone who has been there before you lifts you up, and you in turn lift someone else. No one can go up the ladder to the higher realms by himself. By the very nature of spiritual unfoldment you will take someone with you. Even if it’s just by a casual expression, by saying “I love you very much,” you can lift someone else and plant a seed of how to find God. You can become a wayshower.

As we meet each obstacle we pray, “Lord, give me the strength.” You will come to realize that before you asked, it was already there. When you look back on the difficulties you’ve had in life, remember the days you thought you couldn’t make it and did, the times you thought you couldn’t get through it all and did. These instances — and it’s probably safe to say every human being has experienced them, — are samples of the lies you can tell yourself and the deceptive games you can play with your mind. Listen to your Soul before you give credence to your mind.

All you need to do is to be yourself, know yourself, and lift other people, because it’s our heritage to do that anyway! Why not do it now, with an inner knowing, with caring and loving?


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