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Questions & Answers – The Inner Consciousness is the Traveler – Part 3


John-Roger, 1975.

This Q&A with John-Roger is sourced from a live Q&A with John-Roger at Prana, Los Angeles, June 5, 1975.  It is edited for use on the New Day Herald website.  We recommend listening to the original.  It was previously released as a September 2016 SAT seminar “Questions & Answers – The Inner Consciousness is the Traveler”.  If you are a SAT subscriber, you can purchase it in our online store or access it through That Which Is online.

Question:  What exactly is it that blocks energy and how do you get rid of the blocks?

John-Roger:  It’s contraction of consciousness.  I spoke last night about how doubling up the fist stops things.  It’s a state of contraction, a state of separation, a state of individualization and exemption.  People say, “That doesn’t apply to me.”  That’s baloney.  It applies to everybody.  It’s like saying, “No I won’t die.”  Yes you will.

Question:   If God is infinite and totally aware, does that mean we will forever, toward infinity, become more aware of ourselves?

John-Roger:   Your syllogism is incorrect.  God, by vocabulary terminology,  is confined to that term.  But truth as a universal flow becomes infinite. But the infiniteness of it is non-boredom.  It’s continually renewed, continually bright and up.  Continually.  And so there is a state of continual awareness flow as you move into other levels of God’s conscious body.  It may not be in this level, what we call the Earth, but it could be into another level.  And you maintain the consciousness of freedom as it is present here and now.  Yes, everything is here.

Question:  Where does the impatience come from to hurry up to be awakened, to be clear, to know spiritually?

John-Roger:   The illusions regarding spirituality perpetrates the impatience of what we think it should or shouldn’t be. It’s based upon conceptualizations that we have conditioned into us from this lifetime and others going back, that are still as impregnated in consciousness as though we did them all right now.  All billion lifetimes, so to speak, right now are present. And you are having to handle all those diversifications now.  The impatience to hurry up is just an illusionary field. It is all present, now.

Question continued:  What is a good way to handle impatience or anything else when it comes in?

John-Roger:   Move physically into the routine manifestation of anything.  Get up and go shower.  Go collate downstairs.  Go do routine things.  Cancel your great big trip to the beach.  Do routine things.  It will end it real fast.

Any time you’re in a state of confusion, aberration, abnormality, move physically.  Get up and move physically.  That’s why we have that.  That’s why we’re recognizing it – because of this physical thing.  And if this physical thing is moving, the energy will be flowing and circulating.  It’s not in a state of contraction as it is sitting held and confined.  Then there is no such thing as impatience.  There is only dynamic energy present.

Question continued: Does that also apply to boredom?

John-Roger:   It applies it to everything.  Boredom is thinking you are more than you are, and you should be getting more than what you’ve got.  But you’re getting exactly what you deserve.  People like to think, “Yeah, but I should be exempt.”  That doesn’t work.

Question:   In the dream state if you’ve met up with the Traveler and you want to remember that when you come back to the physical, how would you really know that was the Traveler or not?

John-Roger:   If it applies to the physical level, you work it out physically.  If what you are doing did not apply to this level, there’s no reference point to this level, so there is nothing you can do with it.  If you’re working under the Traveler Consciousness, you’re not going to be overtaken by anything anyway.  If the negative power is present, it’s still functioning under the Traveler Consciousness. And you’ll still be brought the lessons of purification and unfoldment.  But you’re being given it in divine order rather than helter-skelter according to your own level of confusion.

It’s laid out in a most beautiful way and it’s all individual. We do that because we have the consciousness of understanding to see what somebody else is doing.  We can understand that vicariously without necessarily doing it ourself. And so we stay out of it.  If you see a person, for example, get their head cut off, you realize those things don’t work too well.  And so you’ll keep your head on your shoulders.  It’s a vicarious fulfillment.  You think, “Hey, I don’t need that.”  You may see a guy get drunk and walk out in the street and he gets hit by a car.  You think, “I’m not going to get drunk and walk out in the street where cars are.”  That’s vicarious fulfillment.  You’ll understand that.  However, you may never were going to do that anyway, but now you know you’re not because you’re watching it.

Question:  How can I tell the difference between magnetic healing and spiritual healing?  And if I’m going to be involved how will I know the difference?

John-Roger:  Spiritual healing, spiritual Holy Spirit Light, comes in on the magnetic light, but the magnetic light does not necessarily contain the Holy Spirit.  So you qualify it. You qualify it for your highest good.  And if it’s magnetic to do it, that’s fantastic. It will be done.  And if it is another force of energy that is necessary, then it will be done.

For you to personally qualify it is a waste of time because you can’t see it and you can’t smell it and you can’t hear it.  You’re at the mercy of your own ignorance.  So therefore you just place the thing in a qualification for your highest good. And whatever takes place you move on it.

You can say, “God’s will be done.”  If you don’t like it and you say, “The hell with that”  then you’re against God’s will and then you’re a son of perdition.  Then you’d better watch out.  Sons of perdition go back through the muck and the mire and the slime over and over and over and over.  Oh, they’ll make it, too, in the end but, my God, the end is so far away for them.

I mean, it’s enough to live on this planet without hope.  But hope rises eternally.  It keeps sort of youthful like, “Hmmm.  Maybe I will get a date.”  But you’re never going to.  But that’s okay.  You keep hoping and hoping.  You die.  You say, “Well, at least it took me through this life.”  Sons of perdition don’t have hope.

Question:   In line with that, the way I interpret what you’re saying is that the Soul is being made to pay for something that the lower self did?

John-Roger:   Looking at it in those terms, you’re saying the Soul had to pay as a negative quality.  But I think it’s very beautiful that the Soul has the ability to pay for all these things a billion times over than what you’ve even put out up to this point.

So what is the concept of payment?  It is a balancing of action for unfoldment in this level of God’s realm.  And the Soul has that ability and has that wealth and wherewithal, because all in God’s Kingdom is at its hands.  So therefore it’s only paying itself through any form that appears.  It is only giving to itself through whatever action takes place. And it is only experiencing itself through any dimension that is present.  So therefore, how can it possibly be a negative quality?  It’s a beautiful fantastic experience.  But the attitude has to be changed.

Some people say, “I’ve got to pay for this and I’ve got to pay for that.”  That’s really too bad for you.  You should have a pleasure of giving, of paying.  That means you received.

Some people say, “Oh God, dirty dishes in the sink.”  I say, “You should bow down and be thankful. You just got through eating.”  You know, it’s a sign.  And now you’re going to clean up what you’ve been doing.  What’s wrong with that?  The time to really get upset is when there are no dirty dishes in the sink.

Question:  What level must a person consciously be working on in order to break the wheel of incarnation?

John-Roger:  They must be living within the consciousness of the Traveler.  If they’re living within that consciousness and they have only come into this seminar this evening and they say, “This is it.  I’m going,” and they die on the spot, they are immediately into that level of not coming back.

And now we’re going to qualify that. And that’s if that would be for their highest good.  But it might be better for them to come back because this is a springboard to a higher level of consciousness.  It’s a beautiful springboard.

But the higher level of consciousness is also present here, it’s just veiled.  I would imagine that a person who is consciously in the Movement for two or three years and knows the teachings, and has the responsibility of living the satsang in the ashram, and being involved with people on a day-to-day living basis, and is in this spiritual flow of energy, and yet they play Mickey Mouse games, I would really have great concern for them regardless of what level they’re on.  They may be involved in a spiritual community, but it’s really going to be tough luck for them.  That isn’t to, you know, be stated as a negative tone.  It’s a positive tone.  It’s like, “Get out of what you are doing.”

Question: Can a person still have karma in the physical world and still break the wheel of eighty-four reincarnation cycle?

John-Roger:   Of course not.  As soon as you have a physical body you have the karma of a body, immediately.

People who are working under the Traveler Consciousness, this karmic energy is pulled up and just held aside.  As they work it out it’s pulled aside and it’s held for a person, because at some point when they leave the body and they enter into the Soul, they then will dissolve their own negative expression. They free everything into the positive just by looking at it and saying, “Wow, thank God that all happened.”  And it can be placed immediately in its proper perspective, because it’s not bad.  It never has been and it never will be.

Once we can look at our life and say, “Hey, this is good, this is fine,” and keep the whole thing going, there is no karma involved out there.  But the physical body is a karma.  It’s an action, a duty, for fulfillment.

Question:  Because there’s a Traveler in this world and you’re here, is there a pretty good shot of getting out of here?

John-Roger:  If there isn’t, there is no need for me to be here.  That’s my job.  That is the prime job.  I have other jobs, too.  But let’s say if you are going to subscribe to the Discourses to get under the spiritual protection, and come to the seminars, and donate your three bucks, and then complain and pick on people, and beat up on your wife, and steal gas, you’ve already placed yourself out of it, because money is not the medium that’s going on here.

The medium is the medium.  Do you get that?  What you’re doing is what you’re doing.  It isn’t the money.  That has nothing to do with it.  That is just a discipline for consciousness.  Discipline is not a negative.  Discipline for freedom – to be free in it.

If you can take and give somebody a hundred dollars just like that, you’ve already demonstrated you’re absolutely free from all money and all bondage to it.  But if you can’t, that’s another level you’re confined to.

There are many that we call guru teachers — who are functioning directly under the Mystical Traveler Consciousness in what we call another school.  And it’s going to be reached just as easy through them.  They have it within on a subtle level, or they are here in a subtle level.  Yes, we know each other.  I may know them more than they know me, but we’re aware of each other.  It’s all entirely present.  There is no processing involved.  It just is. This could be Mount Olympus just as easy as Prana.

Question:  How do I know if it’s my inner master that’s answering the question?

John-Roger:   Sometimes you’ll be getting a question about Spirit and then you get an immediate answer right away. And you want to know where that answer came from.  Is it any good and who speaks it.

You could care less if you can’t do anything with it.  If it’s something dealing with the physical world, you have to lean in and check it out.  If I tell you something here, and you just believe it without checking it out, you’re going to get everything you deserve. And if it’s good, that’s fine.  I may tell you something just to slap you awake, to knock you, as they say, into the middle of next week.  If it works, if you validate it, what difference does it make who tells it to you?  You’re not going to know anyway.  Some people say, “Well I won’t do it unless Jesus tells me.”  Alright it’s Jesus who’s told you. Now what can you do with it?  “Nothing.”  So you couldn’t do it anyway.  Get the idea?  And if you’re using it to go bet on the horses, good luck.

Question:   What part of us makes the choice to not travel that path or to travel that path?  And why wouldn’t we, or why would we, not make a choice of traveling a path like that?

John-Roger:   Whenever a person comes into the consciousness of the Traveler —  either by someone speaking about it, hearing a tape, being in the physical presence — usually at that point, probably that night while they are asleep, they are taken into another realm of Light which is the Casual realm. And they are shown through the Akashic records all the things that they have been involved with.  This may take more than one night.  It may take six months.  But this is going on at night because in the waking state we won’t pull that energy. Because people need it to bumble through life and you can’t take it from them.

Then when they see this and they come back, they impress the lower levels of consciousness of what it is they’re going to be working with.

Then when they come into it and they see it, they can’t handle that and they move from it.  Some people, because of lack of awareness, find freedom a very hard quality to handle.  So is liberation.  Since they know what it is, they move back out into the world to get straightened out by other people, before they come back in again.  And people will straighten them out.  They’ll do it to you.  They’ll set you straight every time.  Everybody is always going to give somebody a piece of their mind.

Then that consciousness moves.  It’s the same part of you that sometimes has a lot of faith and trust in the Traveler Consciousness and other times doubts it.  It’s the same quality.  But it doesn’t bother me because I understand the quality.

Question continued:  Why isn’t the memory brought back consciously?

John-Roger:   Often it’s because of the levels, the way we’ve disciplined our freedom and the way we’ve been brought up in this lifetime, and the things we’ve been told to believe or not believe, or to disbelieve.

We then categorically move against this awareness of God.  Primarily, religions are sitting waiting for God to appear, for Christ to come down, for this energy to come to us.  And that’s primarily what the teaching of the planet has been, a waiting, passive attitude.

So therefore there is no energy placed into remembrance.  So therefore why would you remember these things?  There is no energy placed into it.  The energy is placed here for passivity, for moving out into the world, for doing good, for living good, but not for remembrance.

We must remember to be here at this point in consciousness.  Then as we get older we are quite startled to find out there are other aspects of life other than this religious approach, maybe we go into metaphysics. That will include a lot of things where we start taking more conscious, volitional control of our life, and we move into things as a full representative of who we are, saying, “I will do this.  I will be responsible.”

We start looking into the higher form of consciousness.  We are attempting, primarily, to pull the energy from the High Self down through the body, because most of the metaphysical groups are only aware of this level.  This is why we are conditioned not to remember.

A person may be thinking, “Gee I’m having sex with everybody around.  I wish I could end the pattern.”  And they try to break it and they find out it is back on their head.  Or, the person who is drug addicted or smoking or into a lot of things may say, “I’ll quit that,” and it’s comes right back on their head and they can’t.  The desire they don’t want is back on their head.  They’re addicted.  Their addictions are eating them up.

At some point it will eat them up completely because they’re so contracted that it will wither and die.  The body may die along with it.  It’s called grieving.  But that denies the next expressions coming to you that may be so much greater than that thing you’re grieving for.  So much greater, that you’d kick yourself for thinking, “Why didn’t I just move and get that?  That was really what I was after all along.”  But then confusion is really funny.

When I speak of meditation I am talking about spiritual exercises unqualifiedly all the time.

But spiritual exercises are not necessarily the sitting down and chanting of your tone all the time.  There are many forms of spiritual exercises.  While I am here with you I’ve been doing spiritual exercises all evening with you — not just verbally.  Other levels.  It’s a state of forcing yourself to be aware.

When you awaken yourself at 2:30 in the morning there’s a chance you’re going to be closer in contact with that other level that knows of the dreams. And you could start pulling them across at that time because there is less confusion in the mind, depending on what time you went to sleep.  If you went to sleep at two fifteen it doesn’t apply.  If you’re in bed before midnight it does.

If you are busy working and involved in these things, it will be present upon you.  You wake up and you say, “Ah yeah.”  You start to then see the confusion of what you’ve carried over from the day before or that day, and you are working on it.

The interesting thing is that if you want to find out where you are in your levels of spirituality, keep track of what you dream about and that will tell you where you are.  And if you’re dreaming about and having wet dreams, or food, or this, or that, or my job, or my car, or my husband, or my wife, when you’re dead, you’re going to incarnate back and I don’t care what realm you’re in.  You’re going to pull yourself right back.  It will be upon you.

But if it’s hurt feelings and this and that, and waking up with empty feelings and loneliness, it’s sad.  It’s very sad.  If you’re going to give pity, then certainly those people need a lot of it.  Those people who are involved in higher consciousness have dreams of the Traveler moving into these other realms and working out karmic things.  It lets them see the level of progression in which they’re involved and they then know they’re involved in the working out of it.

Baruch Bashan

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