The John-Roger Marathon

By: MSIA Staff

August 5th, 2013


Mystical Traveler Official Trailer
John-Roger DSS & Jsu Garcia DSS
In The Kingdom Of Heaven
Moment Of Peace from John-Roger DSS


The Christ
Moment Of Peace from John-Roger DSS
Peace And Joy From Jamberoo Australia
Moment Of Peace from John-Roger DSS


The Mystery
Moment Of Peace from John-Roger DSS
Where Love Wants To Go
Moment Of Peace from John-Roger DSS


Be Still
Moment Of Peace From John-Roger DSS
Cleaning Up Your Worlds Without End
Moment Of Peace From John-Roger DSS


From The J-R Marathon in San Francisco (Castro Theatre) December 2012
“The marathon experience was just incredible! It was like bathing in sweetness and loving without distraction, for an entire day! Just the idea that people from all over the world could tune in via the Internet really touched my heart with possibility, as I imagined the peace action.
And the awareness that – for a full day – I could actively participate in a consciousness of one was so very comforting, powerful, inspiring, and uplifting.
This was such a great gift and blessing in its entirety. Oceans of love to you, Jsu, for your beautiful ministry. And God bless you our Beloved J-R.”
Malaika Lue-Hing, Hollywood, CA
“Thank you for your part in putting on the online events and making them available. I’ve watched quite a few of John’s seminars and this last weekend we were blessed with not only John’s seminar on Friday but the 12 hour marathon.
I had heard about these marathons but this is the first one that I participated in. What a blessing from God. So thank you for your part because what you do makes a difference in my life. Kay and I live in the Sacramento area so we can’t always be there in person.”
Lee Clausen, Sacramento, CA
“Thank you thank you thank you! What a wonderful blessing. I am so grateful for all that you and NOW have done to put these together and bring them to us.
What bliss today, I am flying high – in and out of my body, letting go, etc. and the loving keeps growing.
Words don’t say it, so suffice it to say, my gratitude is huge from my heart to all of yours and to our blessed JR for all the blessings he has brought forth selflessly and in loving.”
Sindy Wilkinson, Lafayette, CA
“Love the marathon, thank you thank you, so grateful for your devotion to J-R. God bless you all.”
Lili Smith, Sydney, Australia
“Truly, I just melt when I hear J-R’s voice and watch him speak.”
David Morton, Vancouver BC, Canada

From The J-R Marathon in London (Prince Charles Cinema) September 2012
“Amazing managed to stay awake till 3am God bless you and JR for making these marathons available worldwide.”
Nathalie Franks, London, UK
“Not having experienced John-Roger physically here until six years ago, for me the grace of the marathon, the seminars is the realizations, the confirmations that he was with me from birth and before and will be after.
As you can imagine they affect me in ways that I cannot adequately describe and thank Jsu for serving in this way and to Abba for sharing the teachings the way he has, they are immeasurable.”
Laura Mola, Los Angeles, CA
“Going to the JR Marathon was an incredible lift. I watched about the last 6 hours. Watching those videos, I continue to be amazed by the information and brilliance or our dear J-R, that every statement has meaning for me.
The clips of the old highlights were wonderful and the energy that comes through was like a total wash from Spirit, feeling clean and joyful as I woke the next day! I am grateful for the opportunity and also, for the ability to be able to tune in at home. I started at home and then headed out to be with the “family” to watch and catch the group vibe!”
Denise Lumiere, Brentwood, CA

From The J-R Marathon in Hollywood (The ArcLight Cineramadome) March 2012
“I have often wondered what the early days of J-R seminars were like not having found the ‘outer’ MSIA until 1986 so that footage is really precious to me.
This was so precious…loved every moment. Thank you Jsu Garcia and ALL involved in bringing this to us.”
Rebecca Skeele, Santa Fe, NM
“Holy tomoly! The J-R Marathon on Saturday was absolutely AWESOMMMMMMMMME!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for putting it all together!
I have had it on all day at home and came to the building a couple of times between my other commitments and the energy of both was incredible!!! I could feel the connection between my home and the Brentwood Ballroom!!
I hope you do this at least once a month – what a gift to all of us – probably, especially those folks around the world who could tune in.
Blessings to all you do for all of us …”
Berti Klein, Los Angeles, CA
One of my favorite events! It’s a retreat with J-R seminars and in-between entertainment from Jsu including sneak previews of the new movie, and to top it off, visiting with friends. What could get better than that??”
Jeeni Lawrence, Los Angeles, CA
“This is yet the most radical J-R experience I have experienced; This is a manifestation of what my inner experience is with J-R, so dynamic so multifaceted and rich … seems like a new beginning a new opportunity a whole new opening … AMAZING!!! My deepest heart felt gratitude to all who made it possible.”
Claudia Flores>, Los Angeles, CA

From The J-R Marathon in Los Angeles (Prana / Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens) January 2012
“Loving to all of you that made this possible and devoted yourselves to bringing this to us online. It was an awesome experience to be so connected to the traveler. 
God bless you all.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Donna Walton, San Diego, CA
“I am sooo excited we are doing these marathon J-R videos. And to have them at Prana was just the best!!! It felt like the “old days” — the high energy, the expectation, if you will (of the Spirit that shows up in Satsang), the fellowship of hangin’ together with others while we are blissfully hangin’ with Spirit. And who knows what inner ministry (I almost wrote the word ‘mystery’…hmm) we are doing right now as the Christ ushers in even more onto this dear planet.
To me, the most special thing is it’s like enlivening for us something we already knew but perhaps have gotten a little away from — that the recorded seminars (and all the material really – the books, cds, etc) — contain the live, living teachings!!!!
It’s like a reminder that if we want to have that incredible Satsang — we don’t have to wait for a live event with the Travelers physically present — we can have it through many, many ways if we simply recognize this and bring our best best energy to it — then Spirit matches!!! Yeah. And having our Beloved Travelers present live, well of course, that is the best, the icing on the cake — and having J-R present in the room Saturday was precious, sacred, a treasure. Don’t know what brought J-R there physically. But to me, I took it as J-R energizing this “new” “old” experience!
Thank you to Jsu for all you are doing. Thank you to all who put this together. Thank you so much, Beloved, John-Roger. And to each of us who participate!”
Kim Guisinger, Los Angeles, CA
“Dear everyone who created our marathon.
In Australia, it’s sacred Sunday & this was a sweet profound way to do nothing but do SEs & love J-R & give thanks until the finish line!
 You are awesome… gratitude & gratitude.. it’s amazing to be able to join in!
Loving & Light!”
Jen Jacobs, Adelaide, Australia

Currently no live upcoming John-Roger Marathons scheduled. Contact Zoe Golightly, 323-328-1927,

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